Where is the data from?

Market-tested data 

Gender Diversity Exchange shares proprietary Gender data provided by Vigeo-Eiris, a leading global environmental, social and governance (ESG) data and Climate Bond Initiative verifier. 


Headquartered in Paris, with offices around the world, Vigeo-Eiris has a global, diverse and expert team of more than 200 people . 


The data base has 3,900 companies publicly listed in 27 countries across 38 industries.

Market-validated methodology 

Gender Diversity Exchange features a proprietary Gender Methodology currently used by leading institutional investors for their investment products and portfolio gender impact analysis. Our methodology has been recognized by leaders in governance, sustainability and investment.

Our methodology uses 7 data points that match companies’ intentions against outcomes and show whether companies are transparent and pro-active on Gender Diversity and leadership.

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Country Coverage

Who is behind it?

The Gender Diversity Exchange is a LeaderXXchange solution created by Sophie L’Hélias, its founder and President. Sophie is an international corporate governance expert, co-founder of the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN), public company and investment fund board director, and former managing director of an activist hedge fund.

LeaderXXchange is a change-driven organization that promotes diversity, sustainability and governance with investment methodologies and solutions.