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Gender Diversity is critical for investors and counts among the top three issues they want companies to address. This solution is tailored toward product development, investment screening and corporate engament


Gender Diversity is an opportunity for companies to attract and retain talents and improve performance. The search engine lets management, board directors and employees benchmark company results against peers.

Media, Academics, General Public

Gender Diversity is a major topic of public interest. People want fast, clear and easy-to-read results with good data.

Why did we build it?

Gender diversity impacts financial results

When women are underrepresented in a company's leadership, it is less well equipped to handle challenges, approach problems from a different perspective and avoid "group think".

Gender diversity is critical for success

The issue has become a top priority for investors that want to manage risk and improve returns; for companies that compete to attract and retain top talent; and for the general public, concerned by gender inequality.

A fast & easy-to-use search engine

Collecting and analyzing gender data is time consuming and costly. We offer an affordable solution that saves time and gives instant results with targeted gender data.

Gender Diversity Exchange is recognized by the industry

 “The LeaderXXchange project is fabulous… This is an ask by clients”

  - Steve Juarez, Former Deputy Treasurer of California at CalPERS  Board of Administration meeting July 2018 

Gender Diversity Exchange received the 2018 GPW 10 award for its innovative solution and salutary impact on corporate governance.  Global Proxy Watch is the weekly e-newsletter of International Corporate Governance and Stewardship Read by Funds With More Than US $30 Trillion In Assets. 

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An innovative and affordable solution that saves time and gives actionable insight